Each year I take out several Alaskan Veterans to share the experience and excitement of hunting. However, these trips are not just about hunting, they are about building a bond with each other while working towards overcoming life challenges due to disabilities, personal issues and injuries resulting from military service. I have found that the outdoors and hunting in general is a great therapeutic tool that greatly reduces the stress and anxiety associated with many common problems Veterans face today. By building this bond and relationship with each other I believe these trips allow the Veteran to find personal courage, direction and motivation to push through the challenges and focus on the good things in life. "Hunting the good stuff" in life is key to stepping forward on the right foot with each daily task we are faced with. So, these trips are designed to show that no matter the obstacle, no matter how a person feels there will always be a "battle buddy" that they can turn to even in their darkest hour. Unlike the mainstream, many Veterans share a bond that is solid to the core. We learn and lean on each other and when times are tough we look for guidance from our military family to pick us up, dust us off and continue with our mission in life.

Gabriel B. OIF/OEF Veteran

2016 Veteran Hunt

Spring Black Bear

Tyler H. writes:

Hunting with Ryan was an awesome experience. The guy is super knowledgeable when it comes to the outdoors. The experience he offered me was amazing and the talks around the campfire gave me a wider understanding of not only hunting but life in general. Since the trip I have stayed in contact with Ryan and when I needed assistance he was always able and willing to go the extra mile to make sure my problems were addressed. He is the true meaning of a leader, and even though he is retired he is very active within the veteran and active duty community. I look forward to joining him on future hunts when time permits.