Hunting in Alaska offers many great challenges and often even greater rewards. Over the years I have been physically and mentally challenged by hunting in the last frontier. From chasing herds of Caribou in the frigid north to predator hunting fox, lynx, wolf and wolverine throughout the state. To me the most enjoyable aspect of hunting big game in Alaska is just the raw beauty of the outdoors. Often times I see things that the average hunter would never witness due to the unique terrain in Alaska. From watching the northern lights dance across the sky from moose camp to the sounds of wolves communicating in the distance. These are the true beauties of being an Outdoorsman.  The excitement and sheer energy that occurs when hunting bears however, is a feeling that is impossible to duplicate. I have always hunted to provide for my family and I view all game as a trophy due to that fact that the animal will provide meat for my family throughout the year. Join me on a quest into the heart of the Alaskan wilderness. Each year I make it my goal to help several veterans and children harvest their first Alaskan big game animal. Introducing children to the outdoors is one of the best ways to keep them involved with the sport and wildlife conservation.

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